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True bliss – exactly what we dreamed… an adventure shared with family and friends… a celebration of love and life. On April 29th, we were joined by so many witnesses as we expressed our desire to share our journeys, dreams and passions in a commitment to last a lifetime. The moment we exchanged our vows was magical for us… yet it was just one of so many incredible memories from a week of celebration. Our community of friends and family showered us with gifts of love, joy, music, words of wisdom, flowers, walks on the beach, quiet moments, laughter, tears, excitement, boundless support, and so much more. Those of you who could not join us in person have also showered us with so many beautiful notes, messages and gifts… each of you were present with us as we exchanged our vows! Thank you, thank you, and forever thank you. Each one of you has made our engagement, our wedding, and the start of our marriage a memory we will treasure always.

BIG NEWS!!! Our first home - except try to imagine the house with no furnishings! The previous occupants had wonderful taste and decorated their home beautifully. It will likely take us several years to build up our resources to get the furniture and appliances we need. The great news is that we have put aside the financial contributions many of you made to our wedding fund to purchase special treats for our home. We designated funds for specific purchases with each one of you in mind. It has been a lot of fun to imagine what we can bring into our home that represents YOU! Again, thank you for this gift!

This website began as a way to share information about the where’s and how’s of the wedding week. Now it is a place for us to share pictures and stories – we have also posted photos of our new house!

The ‘still-relevant’ links on this site are:

  • Celebrate – our wedding pledge, our wedding video, and links to all our photos (we will continue to update this with new photos as we receive them!)
  • Share –comments/blessing from each of you and our wedding guest list (with contact information so you can stay in touch!)
  • JP Wedding Photos

Other stuff that we are keeping on this site include:

  • Relax – information on the hotel/resort where the wedding week took place)
  • Explore – links to information about the Mayan Riviera
  • Tips & Updates – our advice about things to think about for the wedding week adventure



  Last Updated: October 13, 2004